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control box
sensor horn

Detailed Features

# Control Unit Sensor Unit
1 Mounting options: Velcro Mounting options: Standard quarter inch screw
2 Weight: 1 .3 lbs Weight: .7 lbs
3 Material Built:: Aluminum & Steel with black powder coat finish
4 NA: Sonar Distance: 25ft
5 Power Connector: 2 pin LEMO | with reverse polarity protection | Power Connector & Communication: 4 pin LEMO *** 1 : 1 ***
6 Data Connector: 4 pin LEMO | Wireless Preston Integration


It's fast, easy to use and set up within a minute or two. Snappy. Super simple to get the offset, set. Also the LED brightness is great for outdoor.

Isiah Flores

Isiah Flores

Filmmaker | First AC

Very easy to use and accurate. Fast respond time too! Highly recommend it when it comes out.

Isiah Flores

Margues Mallare

First AC | Camera Op